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The Money Move IT Difference

We offer cheaper and faster money transfer services, but that’s not all.

Here’s a few of the many great reasons to choose Money Move IT next time you are ready to send money overseas.

1. Lower Fees

You've worked hard for your money, so don't throw it away!  We charge low fees, from $4.99 to almost anywhere, and for most countries, there is also no fee on receiving the money.  Check out Compare our prices to see how much you could save.

2. Better Rates

We have great exchange rates!  Depending on the size of your transfer, we can usually save you hundreds of dollars. Don't just take our word for it though; simply check our rate with our Currency Convertor and then compare it against your bank's rate. We know you'll be amazed at how much money we can save you.

3. Faster Transactions

We operate a super-efficient service with automated systems that ensure you a fast transfer of funds. Try us and see!

4. Safe & Secure

We understand that the safety of your money is an important consideration when deciding which provider you use to send money overseas. Our secure encrypted online service is more secure than many online banking services. Rest assured, you can rely on Money Move IT.

5. Transfer your money anytime

One of the great things about Money Move IT is that you can send your money any time of the day or night with our online service, without leaving your home or office. Conversion of funds can take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give you a variety of ways to get your funds to us so we can quickly send your international transfer.

6. Setting up regular payments

Due to our low charges for money transfers, it’s now cost effective to setup a regular payment from your bank account to transfer money – weekly, fortnightly, monthly – you choose.

If you would like to make regular automatic payments from your account to your friends and loved ones, you can complete an automatic payment form your bank. You will need to include your Money Move IT account number, so we can identify your transactions from the thousands we receive.

7. Community Involvement

Money Move IT actively supports projects in the community, particularly in developing countries. Our current focus is on support for Save the Children.

We review our funding for community projects in January each year. If there is a project that you think is worth supporting, particularly in the Pacific Islands, we would welcome your application. Please complete our enquiry form, and include:
  • some details about the project
  • how this will benefit the local community
  • the amount and timing of funding requested
  • the contact details of the project coordinator
  • an email or website address related to the project, if available
We are particularly interested in projects that benefit health, education, and sustainable business development in Pacific communities.

Also, read about Our Mission

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