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Safeguards in the system


General Safeguards

  • Money Move IT complies with Anti Money Laundering legislation. The system is designed for small money transfers, and there are blocks in the system to prevent transferring large amounts.
  • All Money Move IT staff and contractors must obtain a Police clearance before they are employed with Money Move IT.

When you login

  • Your access is suspended after a certain amount of invalid login attempts.
  • We show you the date and time of your last login so you know that no one else has accessed your accounts.

While you're online

  • The system has been designed with a high level of security in mind, and has more controls in place compared to many internet banking systems.
  • There are several layers of security, including a secure login (128 bit encryption), a separate PIN (4 digit number) required to be entered before confirming any transaction, secret questions and other security measures.
  • All transactions have full audit tracking, with every action in the system recording the user, the date and time.
  • The service runs on dedicated servers with one of the largest infrastructure providers in the world. There are fully automated backups of data taken throughout the day.
  • Each of our secure websites has an SSL certificate to let you know that the website is genuine and secure.

When you're finished

  • You are automatically signed off from your account if it's inactive for a set period of time.
  • All pages you visit in our website are automatically removed from your browsers cache after you have logged off. This removes the opportunity for later users of that computer to view your personal or account details by, for example, selecting the browser back button or searching the contents of the computer's hard-drive.

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