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Receiving Money


Money can be deposited either directly to the receivers bank account, or it can be collected from any of our authorised agents (cash collection only available in Tonga).

When money has been deposited directly to bank accounts

If you have chosen to deposit the money directly to the receivers bank account, then the process to transfer money will begin the same day that we receive your cleared funds (typically we receive funds the next business day after you pay us).

Both the sender and receiver will be notified by email or text message that the money transfer process has started. Transfers to bank accounts typically take between 1 and 5 business days. If the receiver does not have a mobile phone or email, the sender will need to contact them to advise that the money is being transferred.

When money is to be collected from an agent

Note: This service is only available in Tonga at present, and in Samoa soon.

If you have requested the money is to be collected from an agent, then the cash is available usually within minutes of the cleared funds being received into our bank account.

We will advise the receiver by email, or by text message to their mobile phone when the transfer has occurred. If the receiver doesn’t have a mobile phone number, or an email address, then the sender will need to get in touch with them via some other method. The message will contain a unique transaction number or transaction reference.

To collect the cash, the receiver can go to any authorised agent – they will need some form of government issued identification (e.g. drivers licence, passport), and they will need to quote the unique transaction reference.

Once the agent has established the identity of the receiver, they will check the Money Move IT system to ensure this is a valid transaction, and then pay the money to the receiver.


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