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Paying by Automatic Payment

If you want to regularly pay someone overseas, then possibly setting up an automatic payment might be the easiest option.

Automatic payments are great if:
  • you regularly want to send the same amount
  • the payment is to the same bank account in the same country each time
We have many people using this option, for example, they are sending money each fortnight to pay a mortgage back home, or each month to send money to friends and family.

Setting up an Automatic Payment is easy

It's easy to get started.  Just follow these simple steps:
  • Login to Money Move IT (you will need to register if you aren't already)
  • From the Send Money menu, choose Automatic Payments, and then Add.
  • Complete the form, stating the bank account you are sending to, the starting date, and the frequency.
  • From your internet banking, setup an Automatic Payment to pay to our bank account in your country, and include the reference number with the transaction.
If you aren't sure of any of these steps, then please contact us.
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