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Are there any hidden charges or receiving bank charges?
Can I pay by credit card?
Can I send money to a credit card?
Can I use MoneyMoveIT anytime?
Do I need to have a bank account to send money?
Do I need to have a minimum amount in my account like some banks ask for?
Do I need to pay any service charges for having a MoneyMoveIT account?
Do I need to register twice if I have bank accounts in two countries?
Do I need to send money to a bank account?
Do you accept Paypal?
How can I keep my transfer fees low?
How do I know that my family member or friend have received the money?
How do you determine the exchange rate?
How is it that you can charge such a low fee and still have such great rates?
How long will it take to transfer my funds?
How many times I can change my password?
How much money can I send?
How secure is MoneyMoveIT?
I am aged nearly 18 years. Why can I not register for MoneyMoveIT?
Is the service reliable?
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